The Lord of the Rings: MYTHOLOGY

Are you the one who have not seen the Lord of the Rings movie yet? Do not be the last!

The Lord of the Rings is a mixture of different kinds of characters – the elves, the dwarfs, the hobbits, the tree people and half-sized people.

The wizards are known to be humans trained in magic but in the Lord of the Rings, they are the low-ish level of angels. Their power did not come from book learning but mostly from supernatural beings. They are sent to help people in the world to stand against evil. But oftentimes, not successful.

It is natural that if there are angels there must a god. In this place, their god is called Eru Iluvatar. In the beginning, it was only Elu alone but he created a lot of angels to have company with him. These angels are divided into two. First is the Valar, guardians of the world of which there are fourteen. Second is the Mayar, their servants.

In the universe, Iluvatar with his angels sang beautiful melodies. Their awesome voices are resounding in the universe until such time, there is a discordance. One angel, named Melkor, is indifferent. He is in fact the smartest angel among angels Iluvatar created.

He often wants to be alone. He want to have his own song and own creation so most of the time, his voice creates a discordance to the group. Eventually, Melkor formed his group and initiated a rebellion. Unfortunately, he is not more powerful than Iluvatar so he lost from the battle and got banned from the void.

All the conflict in the Lord of the Rings comes long after the fight of good versus evil in that universe.