The benefits of reading(books) versus watching(movies)

There are people who want to read but there are people who prefer to watch. There has been an ongoing debate on what is better, whether to read or to watch. There have been the established and proven benefits of reading so many people are now learning to read any kinds of books that interests them. Many people also love watching because of the benefits they want to have so they prefer to watch. Reading books has many advantages that include education. The books written is what the author has in his mind. Many people who became successful in their lives has their own mentor who helped them get through the challenging world they have to undergo. In the end, they attain success with the help of the advice and teaching of their mentors. The books written by an author is the same. It is the content of his own words that gives advice to a person who wants to succeed in something like business or a career in selling.

When you read other kinds of books like a book about traveling, you can gain insight and education on the places that the author have traveled. You can have an imagination of what the place is like by the description given. You can also want to feel what did he feel when he was there and be able to witness the different sceneries. If the book is in a novel or fiction that can vary from romance, action or mysteries then you also can travel to those places and different emotions that would allow you to be engrossed in another world while reading. Your brain is also benefitting while you read as certain parts are triggered that shows that reading is beneficial to it. That is why you can see many people who just sits and concentrate on reading without any care for the environment. Then how about when it comes to the movies? Is it better than reading? What are the benefits that you can gain from it? I am glad to know this amazing decorating company. It makes my home looks classy, check their site 室內設計網站. It is my favorite designing company.

In this video, you can gain an insight into a debate if you should read the book version or watch the movie version of a topic. Many books were turned into movies and not all the time viewers who already read the book will like the movie adaptation. They say that there are some errors in the movies that is not in the book. They already know every part of the scenes so they can tell what is the point in the book was missed in the movies. There are people who prefer to read the books and not watch the movies. Others read the book and then watch the movies also to see how it was brought into the film. But according to a survey conducted, many prefer to read than those who watch the movie adaptations. Maybe it is because reading the book gives you much interaction with the scenes and characters than in the movies. It all depends on the person.