Learning about what is fiction and what is non-fiction

We are exposed to hear about the term fiction and many people already know about it. It is also being taught in schools so most of the population who went to school knows about this but for the benefit of those who forgot and those who have assignments about this topic, let us learn again what is fiction. It is common to forget something that is not used every day. They are put in the storage areas and can be deleted totally sometimes. As the brain who retains all the information should also accommodate new then it processes what it already has and will delete those who are not in use. That is why today we are again learning what is fiction. We will differentiate it to non-fiction also so that we can have a better understanding of it. The method of differentiation is a good tool to use to let someone understand a subject matter clearly especially if the two being differentiated is close in similarities.

The infographic above ios a clear illustration of what is fiction and not fiction. Their differences are already put so it can be understood easily. You can see though in the last part of the infographic about the fact or non-fiction being described as one that can be exaggerated. Many people who listen to something that is true will make it appear as a really great or grave event that happened. It can be sometimes observed in the media where a small issue can become a big issue. It is their great influence and display of power. Aside from being exaggerated, they can also add some bias opinion in regard to an issue. It is also applied more in the news and reporting. Some reporters are put into the spotlight and be made known because of something trivial he said that originates from his opinion on an issue covered. When this part is compared to the fiction side it is written that fiction can also contain some fact like the history portion of the story.

The fact can be one that is really applicable to a situation like self-defense tactics and about issues that plague a country or a community. As many topics can be made then there can be also many issues and controversies created by the media. We should not make the foolish mistake of expressing our opinion that will lead our death to our dream of writing. When you want to be known as one who is in the truth always then you should maintain that kind of assumption. One of the characteristic also of a fact is that it can be verified with an evidence as it is true. There are proofs that can be shown to prove it, great site. In the other hand, fiction cannot produce an evidence because it was just all in the imagination of the author that was given life through the story. That is why you can see on the internet that there is information that was later proved to be a hoax.