Samwise Gamgee Character

Living in a world full of darkness and evil, how would be bear to endure until you will see the light that will enlighten your life?

Samwise Gamgee’s character depicts the one who is brave, loyal, a good servant and much more. He represents the ordinary man. In the story, Samwise Gamgee began the adventure of a very simple hobbit who is not interested in too far away things or faraway places. But as his journey continues, Sam has to indeed struggle, figuring it out what it means to help Frodo.

Frodo is the ring bearer. He is the only one that can carry the ring. However, as he gets closer to Mount Doom, his every steps was becoming harder and harder.

Samwise Gamgee’s mission is to give support to  Mr.  Frodo. Similarly, he is like a personal aide to Mr. Frodo. Helping Frodo with his clothes, making food, carrying bag and so on.

Frodo and Sam are able to achieve a level of parity. They are a legend of true partnership and friendship. When does a master and a servant become stronger in relationship? It is in times of trials and severe hardships. Both of them were able to overcome everything together. Helping each other with united mind.

Sam’s character is a model of decency and goodness. As much as Frodo is the hero that he puts himself through what he does, it is Sam that maintains his own strength and clarity to allow Frodo to carry out his task. Thus, Frodo needs Sam and without Sam, it is hard for Mr. Frodo to go forward.